Austin knows how to take complex concepts and simplify them, make them clear, and make them extremely actionable.

Which is something that anybody any business owner that wants to increase sales and wants to increase retention.

Angel Gonzales

Austin + Copywriting = Great Outcomes

Austin cares deeply about the work he puts out and delivers at a high level. Not only is he professional but is also a joy to work with, bringing great energy to any brainstorming session. With his assistance, we were able to decrease our churn rate through a series of onboarding emails. I would recommend Austin to any business that is looking to step up and stand out with their email communications.


Alex Willis

I highly, highly recommend Austin

If you’re looking for someone to create great content for you that’s going to engage with your audience and to get ranked on Google then look no further.

Austin and I have been working together for the past 4 to 5 years.
He really understands e-commerce.

He really understands how to put himself in the shoes of your readers and your audience to be able to engage with them.

He’s also really good at the SEO research side.

He understands how to write content around keywords and it’s helped grow out business hugely because organic traffic is key for us.

We rank much, much higher than any of our competitors in the space we’re in and that’s all down to having a really solid blog.

If you’re looking for someone to work with on that basis, then I highly, highly recommend Austin.

Bradley Long (Co-Founder)

Doesn’t fail to deliver

I’ve worked with Austin for about a year now, he is great to work alongside with and Its a joy to have his positive energy reflecting back in all that he does. The content that he provides is of exceptional quality and all built around specific keywords. We’re confident his work contributed to consistent growth for us. Thank you Austin in all of your efforts helping to drive organic traffic to our site.


George Beard (Co-Founder)

Austin is the man! Highly recommend!

First off, Austin is a great guy and very honest. He went the extra mile to explain to myself and my team about his gameplan to help us stand out among our competitors. He has a lot of insight for content email marketing and our dealer strategies. I would highly recommend Austin for any company big or small. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied and fully understand his work. 5 stars easily! Thank you Austin!


Corey Smee

Amazing case study

Austin did a phenomenal job crafting a case study for us. I feel confident sending it out to on-the-fence prospects – and I have no doubt that it will be a great sales driver for Loox. If you’ve already made some customers happy – let Austin create a case study that turns that relationship into a sales-generating asset…that gets you even more customers.


Yoni Elbaz

Superb SEO content

Austin delivers very high-quality writing, takes the research very seriously, and is very easy to work with. We hired him for SEO articles and so far the quality has been outstanding. We plan to continue working with him into the future, so I was even reluctant to post this, hands-off, he’s ours :P.


Charles Black
Don of Desire

Fast service, quality copywriting, value pricing

Austin gave us really great service and high-quality copywriting for our activation email flows. The pricing was also very fair. His communication was excellent and the turnaround time was really good. Looking forward to working with him again on future projects.



Kenny Hanson


Austin is an email marketing powerhouse.

I’ve worked with him for a number of months now, and I’ve been lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes look at how he delivers the outstanding client results he’s known for.

What really stands out to me is his crystal-clear understanding of the process from start to finish. You’d expect someone with his analytical mind would be difficult to work with, but the opposite is true – he’s friendly, professional and committed to making things happen.

I’ve worked with dozens of businesses, and I know this for sure: people with deep knowledge of what it takes to create sustainable business growth with email marketing are rare. That’s the kind of competence you build through years of “in the trenches” experience – and that’s exactly what Austin brings to the table.

If you’re looking for a genuine email marketing specialist to take your business to the next level, then look no further. With Austin in your corner, you’ll get what you’re after!


John Clancy (Operations Analyst)
Action BV

Easiest 5 stars I’ve ever awarded

One word: PERFECTION. Austin was super patient, listened to my issues/re-instructions carefully and delivered a beautifully crafted landing/sales page and email sequence that is certain to #nailit with conversions. Austin is skilled at his craft and worth every penny.


Anita Elisha

I’ve been super hard at work on my product. I realized I kinda had the curse of most founders – ‘too much knowledge’. I hopped on a call with Austin – I started to get clarity on what clients to double-down on. I got that and more. Super deep insights on how to get social proof to gain a massive amount of trust from on-the-fence prospects. Great stuff Austin!

Abdul Mukati (Founder)

Great Delivery + Smooth experience

Austin was recommended by someone I highly trust, but I must admit his work and top-notch service even exceeded what I was expecting. He is a pro and knows very well how to bring good copy together! Can’t wait to work with him again on my next gig!


Taher Merimi
Affiliate Marketer

5 Stars Well-Deserved

We had the pleasure of using Austin to write some SEO content for our website blog. I highly recommend for professionalism, quality of work, and punctuality.


Andrew Sexton

When you are in need of a social media expert who kills the communication, here he is! Highly recommended!


Tibor Benke
Escape Rooms Daytona Beach Code To Escape

After my first call with Austin I not only had a clear vision of what our onboarding should look like…I also got ideas for touchpoints and user engagements that will help our onboarding experience stand out from our competitors.”

Alex Gaston