Lead magnet for a women’s relationship advice (a list of questions for women to ask their SO’s)

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  • Future
    • What are your goals in life?
    • Is there something you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
    • If you had kids, what would be your biggest hope and biggest fear for them?
  • Past
    • What is your happiest memory?
    • If you could go back in time to give advice to your younger self, what would you say?
    • Have you ever had to make a decision that affected your life drastically?
    • Is life anything like you had pictured it would be growing up?
  • Relationships
    • What is one thing that can destroy a relationship?
    • How many relationships have you had in the past?
    • What happened with your last relationship?
    • How important do you think sex is in a relationship?
  • Handling Problems
    • How did your family deal with disagreements?
    • How do you react when you’re in a situation that provokes anger?
    • When was the last time you cried?
    • What’s the biggest struggle that you’ve ever faced?
    • What are your thoughts on divorce?
  • Philosophical
    • What are the most important things in life?
    • In your opinion, what’s the best way to show love?
    • If you could fix one world problem, what would it be?
    • What do you believe in?
  • Mistakes/Regrets
    • What is one thing you will never do again?
    • Have you ever cheated on any of your partners in the past?
    • What are some things in life that you had to learn the hard way?
  • Sexy
    • Do you watch porn and what’s your view on it?
    • What is your biggest turn on?
    • What do you find most attractive in a girl?
  • Fun
    • What kind of superpower would you have if you had a choice?
    • What is the funniest dream that you had that you can recall?
    • What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
    • Who is your celebrity crush?
    • What’s your dream job?
    • What sport would you never want to watch?
    • Describe your ideal vacation.
    • What’s one household chore that you have no clue how to do?
  • Personality and Self
    • What would your parents be surprised to learn about you?
    • If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
    • What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
    • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    • What are your passions?
    • If you’re stressed out, what helps you wind down
  • Us
    • When did you first realize you wanted to be with me?
    • What was your first impression of me?

Bonus Questions

  • Questions to ask Yourself
    • Do I like how he treats me?
    • Am I a priority in his life?
    • Does he respect me?
    • Do I feel safe around him?
    • Does he accept me for who I am?
    • Am I being my authentic self around him?
    • Can I express myself freely when difficult situations come up?
    • Do I feel secure when we’re together and when we’re not together?
    • Does he inspire me to be the best version of myself?
    • Is he encouraging and supportive of what I want in life?
    • Is he genuinely happy for me when good things happen to me?
    • Can I live with his quirky habits and behaviors?
    • Do I like him the way he is if he never changes?
    • Am I having fun with him?
    • Do I like who I am when I’m with and without him?
    • Do I feel positive when we’re together?
    • Do I feel free to follow my passions, have alone time, and spend time with my friends and family?
    • Do my family and friends like him?
    • Do I like his family and friends?
    • Can I see us growing old together?