Sales letter for lead gen booking website

ATTENTION: Hungry Biz Owners Who Need Sales Convos With Leads That Would Crawl Through Broken Glass for Your Offer 

(All FREE Upfront – Without Draining Thousands of $$$
on Ads or Other Gambles)

Stop Wasting Time, Energy, and Money (Month-after-Month)
Searching for the Best Way to Reach New Customers…

Your Search Is Over.

Are you tired of feeling like your livelihood is at the whims of referrals and word of mouth?

How would you like having a booked up calendar with leads for you or your sales team without having to lift a finger?

What kind of money could you make with a calendar that looked like this?

What would your daily sales look like?

What would your life look like?

What if there was someone continuously hunting down
the most profitable customers possible for your business?

Every business wants more customers…BUT

  • Where do you find them?
  • How do you reach them?
  • What will get their attention?

Finding answers to these questions can be difficult, time-consuming, AND EXPENSIVE.

And most businesses don’t have the kind of cashflow to “figure it out” for themselves.

They have a family to feed. 

A lifestyle to support.

The pressures from existing clients.

They want an answer and an escape.

An escape to a faster road to financial freedom.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

Do you stress at the end of the month when your business credit card statement comes in? 

Checking each line item and seeing how many charges come in from every place you spend on ads?

Do you avoid looking at your bank account balance because you aren’t sure you’re getting the sales you NEED? 

The sales that will keep your business, your family, your life thriving?

Business owners dump tons of money into ads and other marketing attempts – with no promise of results. 

But what’s the return on your investment (ROI)?

Because that’s what it comes down to.

You try to figure out the best way to find a source of leads.

You end up shelling out a bunch of money.

OR you have a massive list of prospects you got from a gig on Fiverr.

You’re spinning your wheels, crafting a message that fits them all.

You start out confused…

And you’re left feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. 

Email accounts get shut down… 

Your messages end up in spam… 

Your ad accounts get deactivated…

Or worse…

You don’t get started altogether.

And if you do get started…

Or worse, you aren’t getting any replies.

You aren’t getting any conversions.

You aren’t getting any sales.

And you feel more fearful, uncertain, and doubtful than ever before.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me give you a tip.

Over the past three decades, email has consistently been one of the top ROI investments for businesses.

Cold email isn’t anything new. 

But it’s getting harder.

The communication landscape is shifting.

There’s so many technical “hoops” to jump through.

So many new rules to play by. 

Email is getting as bad as Facebook ads as far as how to reach your prospects.

BUT it’s still THE MOST effective way to contact new customers. 

It’s the most direct way to reach people.

Everyone has an email address.

Not because it’s sexy, or “in”, or hip.

It’s because need it. 

Especially in the world of business.

It’s like having a home address to get your mail.

You can reach anyone in the world.

You don’t have to learn all the ins and outs.

“I’ve already got a list of names and emails,
why should I pay you?”

Let’s get one thing out in the open.

There’s so many people throwing down massive CSV files and “lead generation software” subscriptions.

This is just scraped information. What you have is a list of names.

These are strangers

Those are not leads.

A true lead – a potential customer – is someone who is knocking on your door and says “Hey! Yea, so I need help with this. I heard you do XYZ.”

You have to spark their interest.

Harness their desire for your offer.

Generating leads = Getting an audience to admit they have a problem and need help

That’s where we come in. 

We dive into your business and figure out the perfect messaging  to extract the best possible customers.

You may be saying…

“It won’t work for me and my business”

I understand if this all sounds too good to be true. 

Look at the results I’ve created for a wide range of some of my clients:

Goal: Emailing for a Fleet Management Service. Offer is a maintenance contract for the sale and/or purchase management of their entire company’s fleet.

RESULT: Landing a contract after emailing the President of multi-location level architect firm.

GOAL: Cold emailing for a Real Estate Company using Property Tax Appeals as a tripwire offer 

RESULT: 8 multi-million dollar commercial real estate properties up for a property tax audit

If your offer isn’t good enough, sometimes our emails become the product 🙂
(they’re that good)

Could you do with a marketing campaign that got you these kinds of eyeballs on your offer?

“I don’t need this right now…”

Restaurants didn’t think they needed a strong lead generation plan before COVID.

Realtors didn’t think they needed a strong lead generation plan before the 2008 housing crisis.

Nobody knows the future.

But wouldn’t you rather be prepared for it with a “moat” around your business? 

Build your cash cushion.

And plus…

The leads you aren’t nabbing right now are the same ones that can go to your competitors.

Don’t let your competitors get ahead and run your business into the ground.

What’s stopping you from securing this new source of profitable customers for your own business today?

I know what you’re probably thinking. 

“I can’t afford it”

But this is what is best of all.

Walk with me for a moment…

You walked into a dimly lit pawn shop with a low ceiling. 

Shelves upon shelves of junk. 

As you approach the counter, you see a dusty old machine in the corner.

In big bold letters, you see the words, “MONEY MACHINE” 

You see an old man peering at it as well.

Noticing his gaze, the owner says, “Surprised no one’s use it yet today.”

“Looks neat. Does it work?”, the old man asks.

The owner replies, “Oh yea, but most people aren’t willing to try it. It costs a hundred bucks.”

“What’s it do?”, the old man asks.

“Put in a hundred bucks, and it gives you a thousand”, the owner says frankly.

“Bullshit, there’s a sucker born every minute!”, he says, turning around and walking out. 

The owner looks at you, “Well, how about you, son? Is financial freedom in your forecast?”

You remember you just sold a golf club and have the $100 in your wallet. 

You figure, “Why the hell not?”

You go up to the machine and unfold your still-crisp $100 bill and nervously put it into the machine.

Your thoughts race. “Shit. The machine’s broke. Busted. No flashing lights.”

“What a rip-off. What a con man. I can’t belie-”, you blurt out. 

The owner lowers his head. Still smiling, he patiently puts up a hand.

To your amazement, almost immediately, the machine begins to spit out TEN identical $100 bills. Real, $100 bills.

“Can I buy this thing?”, you ask, almost in a panic.

“Nope, but you can come back as often as you’d like. How about that?”, the owner says…smiling.

You make sure to write the pawn shop’s number down on your hand before leaving.

You give the owner one last look as he walks out from behind the counter, still smiling – now waving you goodbye. 

Out of nowhere, you give the owner an unexpected bear hug in your state of euphoria and glee.

The owner pats you on the back and says to you, “I knew you had it in you to try…”

Now, if you found yourself in a situation like that. 

Wouldn’t you keep putting money back into that machine?


And all we do is make you money.

Hypothetically, let’s say you pay $1,000 for 10 leads. 

Let’s say you close 2 of those on a bad day.

If your offer nets you $5,000, you just made $10,000.

10x the return on your investment.

YES – you just printed money. 

How often would you buy a customer for $100 that you could make $5,000 off of?

I hope the answer is every…single…opportunity.

Shortcut your success with reaching new customers with the Convo Conveyor Belt System

👾 No Messy Tech Nightmare Headache

YES! My team sets up the confusing technical stuff, so you don’t have to get bogged down in the details or make a critical mistake that derails your entire campaign.

🕵️‍♂️ We Get the Qualified Customers for You. 

Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars subscribing to tons of different prospect lists. 

We use different sources and proprietary tools. We grab thousands of relevant prospects.

But still these are not leads. It’s information.

We PRIME them with cold email to extract the ones who are eager to talk to you about your offer.

😁 We Have Fresh Prospects Who Haven’t Been Hassled

A lot of business owners get handed the same list of emails that hundreds of other businesses have used. 

Imagine getting a list that’s already been advertised to – and sometimes advertised to about the same offer you have! 

A pimped out list is not a healthy one. 

And it sure as hell shouldn’t be re-used for the same offer.

📝 We Write the Enticing Emails for You

Don’t spend entire evenings wasting time, money, and energy coming up with what to say. 

We ask a few questions during our onboarding. We distill it into the perfect sized pitch to pique your prospect’s curiosity. 

We Do Everything Except Close the Sale for You. 

Imagine waking up and knowing you or your sales team’s day was filled with friendly conversations about how you can help their business. 

How would that affect your livelihood?

It’s affected my clients in a big way.

You may be asking…

“So, how much does this cost?”

There’s no stress in trying to figure out if it’s worth your ROI.

YES! It’s dead simple….

What is a lead worth to you?

We will give you your own investment-per-booking once we pre-qualify you.

YES! That’s right, we only charge you per lead

Just like the money machine you read about earlier.

All we do is make you money.

Let’s go over the example again.

$1,000 for 10 conversations… You close 2 of those on a bad day.

If your offer is worth $5,000, you just made $10,000.

10x the return on your investment.

YES! You just printed money. 

So what determines your price?

You can put your offer in this calculator right here:


$1,500Customer Lifetime Value
(This is your revenue from a customer over the lifetime of them being a customer with you
10Leads Desired Per Month
50.00%Close Rate
(What percentage of sales you close with qualified leads)
$7,500Potential Revenue Generated Per Month
$225$375Average Cost Per Lead Paid
$495Hubspot’s recommended Customer Acqusition Cost
$2,250$3,750Cost of Leads Per Month
$3,750$5,250Net Revenue Generated

According to Hubspot, “the value of your customers should be three times the cost of acquiring them.” 1

If it’s closer to 1:1 that means you’re spending just as much money on attaining customers as they’re spending on your products. 

If it’s higher than 3:1, like 5:1 for example, that means you’re not spending enough on sales and marketing and could be missing out on opportunities to attract new leads. 

But there’s a few more bonuses you get with your price-per-booking…

💸 No expensive setup fees

We believe that you shouldn’t need a fortune to get started reaching out to new customers. 

A lot of agencies build themselves up to do a lot of work upfront for the setup which can be time-consuming, of course. 

They should probably be referred to as “schooling” fees. Because it’s probably their first time setting something like this up. 

🔓 No commitment, no locked-in commitment

So many agencies are like vampires who latch on to a client. And they carry them around, handcuffed to them, with a legally binding monthly retainer contract. 

Are they really motivated to be doing the best job? 

You hope so…

And yet the next month rolls around, and they take another sip from your cashflow with their monthly retainer charge.

Without the promise of results. 

We don’t lock you into anything. 

The minute you don’t want to keep paying for the customers we provide, we can happily part ways.

😵 No confusing add-ons or hidden fees

Some agencies tack on more hidden fees than your ISP or phone company.

There’s nothing worse than signing up for something and learning all the extra “necessary” costs.

We don’t do that. Never have, never will. 

We don’t charge to email. 

We don’t charge for any setup.

If there’s something that comes up, we’ll alert you first.

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Convo Conveyor Belt System today]

“If you’re that confident in what you provide, why don’t you charge-per-performance?”

That’s an excellent question.

I used to operate this way, and still do in some cases

But what I found is a sad truth.

Some business owners just aren’t hungry enough.

They say they want more sales.

But they sit on the leads and let them wither away. 

They realize they don’t have a business.

They have a hobby for the sake of keeping themselves busy. 

I’ve seen business owners ignore potential customers who have a legitimate need for their product.

Because the truth is that most activities in business are a lot less scary than talking to potential customers and asking for the sale.

But money is the great accountability partner. 

And if you know you’re paying for a lead.

You’re going to try your damnedest to close it.

My goal: To always find people who want a mutually beneficial deal – and have both sides putting some skin in the game.

And so I ask back to you, 

“If you are not making calculated bets in your favor,
then do you have confidence in what you do?

Some of the  business owners I talk to say “If I only close 1/10 leads then I don’t profit until X after months”.

Listen, if you’re only closing 1 out of 10 phone calls – with leads that WANT to speak with you. Leads that NEED what you’re selling.

Then the problem isn’t the leads, it’s your ability to close the sale. 

Which that’s a skill, it can be gained.

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“How do I get billed?”

Each weekend, we tally up the bookings that came through your Calendly booking link that we have created. 

You report to us which ones did not show throughout the week.

We simply bill you for the agreed upon amount per booking at the beginning of our original discussion.

We take payment in a variety of forms and are incredibly flexible with payment methods. 

Some of our clients’ favorite methods of payment are 

  • Google Pay
  • Venmo
  • Wise
  • PayPal
  • ACH Bank Transfer

“What if I want to cancel?”

No problem. Just email me and provide written approval to cease your account. 

My team and I will make sure to stop our outreach campaigns. The responses that come in after cancellation will not be charged to your account. 

Cancellation is 100% no-hassle and we can part as friends.

*Please note that we do require a written cancellation and confirmation. As it is easy to “game the system” and say you canceled a week ago and then get a week’s worth of free bookings.

I’ve got to warn you, though.

I can’t let this offer last, nor can I keep this program going. 

I only work with one client per niche industry based on their coverage area. 

I have some special bonuses for the first 10 clients that sign up for the second half of 2021.

FREE BONUS ($500 VALUE): I thought about not doing this, but I realized I needed to be 100% invested in the success of each client. 

Aside from our onboarding call, I’m including a 1-hour coaching call for refining ANY part of your business.* 

This can be your offer, your landing page, your sales script, your post-purchase sequence, your systems, processes, whatever. 

You and I get an hour of face time to work on energizing YOUR business.

*with successful payment of your first booking

EXTRA FREE BONUS ($997 VALUE):  I will provide you with a FREE sales training program ($997 VALUE). *

This program is one that I have curated over a decade and a half of copywriting, phone sales, and entrepreneurship. 

This program will benefit any business selling a product and/or service online.

*with successful payment of your first booking

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“What if I get crap leads?”

My team and I work extremely hard to make sure….

  • Your offer
  • Your message and 
  • Your audience 

…is lined up perfect. 

We work closely with the client to see. 

If you aren’t closing leads, we scrutinize what might be getting lost in translation –  with one of the three items above.

More often than not, it’s not the quality of the lead – it is the conversation that follows.


What is the FREE Here-to-Stay $10k GUARANTEE?

THE FREE HERE-TO-STAY $10k GUARANTEE:  And for the first 10 clients that sign up for the second half of 2021, I’m giving away even more value.

I have a bond of honesty and trust with all my clients. 

I care about their results, not just whether a warm body shows up to their Calendly booking, or not.

If you record your sales call and show me that you asked for a sale…

…and you honestly don’t get a YES on the first 10 bookings with our system – I’ll get you the next 10 bookings FREE.

That means I’m giving you more than over TEN-THOUSAND DOLLARS in potential revenue for FREE.

If you’ve gotten this far, you must be one of the hungry business owners who need sales conversations. 

Sales convos with leads that would crawl through broken glass for your offer.

Book a call with me today. 

Let’s figure out how we can get more clients booking face-to-face time with you and/or your sales team.

Figuring how to get solid, qualified leads in the door is HARD WORK. 

And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Finding this out the hard way can be difficult, time-consuming, AND EXPENSIVE.

And most businesses don’t have the kind of cashflow to “figure it out” for themselves.

They have a family to feed. 

A lifestyle to support.

The pressures from existing clients.

They want an answer and an escape.

An escape to a faster road to financial freedom.

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BUT this isn’t for everyone, we thoroughly pre-qualify our clients 

This is to save our time and your time.

You must have a well-defined offer

This isn’t for businesses who need help brainstorming what to sell. 

You MUST have an existing offer that you are selling.

  • YES, we will help you dial in the offer better.
  • YES, we will help craft the messaging.
  • YES, you will get the kind of fruitful leads you’ve been looking for

BUT, you need to understand what it is that you are selling.

Otherwise, you would end up: 

  • Paying for leads who you can’t produce results for
  • Getting leads that want everything and nothing at the same time
  • Frustrated and upset at a service that could have been very profitable

Which leads me to the next point…

You must have a track record for happy customers

If you are just starting out, that’s awesome.

But if you want work with us…

…we need SOME kind of proof of the results you’re capable of providing.

Why? Because this is huge in gaining our leads’ trust.

We want to help transform your business with a steady pipeline of leads, so you can in-turn transform their business. 

Obviously, we could get bookings for your business.

But we want to book you with leads where you can net real profits and provide results.

You must have a track record for being able to close a sale

We don’t want to waste anyone’s money.

And we also don’t want to waste anyone’s time. 

Yours – or the potential customer.

If it ends up that you don’t close any sales from our first 10 leads sent your way…


If you record your sales call and show me that you asked for a sale…

…and you honestly don’t get a YES on the first 10 bookings with our system – I’ll get you the next 10 bookings FREE.

That means I’m giving you more than over TEN-THOUSAND DOLLARS in potential revenue for FREE.

Remember, you can’t take advantage of this steady stream of pay-per-booking leads if you don’t schedule a call with me.

Pick a time that works best for you. 

Let’s set up a cash-creating pipeline of new customers (on autopilot) for you and your business.

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