Onboarding emails for a funnel builder app for Shopify

Welcome Email

Subject: 🎉 Welcome to the {company name redacted} party %FIRSTNAME% (important info inside)

Hey there %FIRSTNAME%!

This is {client name redacted}, I’m the CEO of {company name redacted}. (that’s me below!)

I want to welcome you to our merry band of Shopify store owners.

I’m happy you signed up, %FIRSTNAME%! 

I have no doubt that {company name redacted} will absolutely transform your business for the better.

Image result for gif transform

I’m about to send you another email that has an awesome free funnel for you to use. 

Can you make sure to drag this email to your primary tab so you make sure you get my next email with your free funnel?

Gonna let you play around with the app today. 

But tomorrow, I’ll be showing you some of the best features of {company name redacted}.

Pura Vida and talk soon,

{client name redacted} | {company name redacted} CEO

P.S. – I do have one question for you…

Why did you sign up?

📧 %FIRSTNAME% – Reply here and let me know. 

I would love to learn more about what feature you are most looking forward to taking advantage of…

Free Funnel Email

Subject: 🙏 will you use this {company name redacted} funnel inside, %FIRSTNAME%?

A FREE kick-ass funnel template to get you started!

To get you started, here’s your own brand-spankin’ new, one-time share code for some amazing funnel templates:


Make sure you include everything on the line above, even the ‘-’ and ‘==’

After you copy that, head on over to {company name redacted} and paste that into the field that pops up right after clicking ‘Import Funnel’. 

Check out the full instructions here if you have trouble with it.

Talk to you tomorrow %FIRSTNAME%,

{client name redacted} | {company name redacted}

P.S. I’ve added an opt-in page and opt-in thank you page template. In case you’re running a giveaway or some sort of other lead-gen campaign first.

Yanno, just because you’re awesome. You can easily delete these funnel pages if you don’t need them.

P.P.S – Take two seconds to join and like the {company name redacted} Facebook page, as you can communicate with us there directly via messenger. 

Click here to join our Facebook Group as this will be our primary method of communication for user topics and requests!

Quick Start and Help Guide Email

Subject: 🔥 Your {company name redacted} Resource Email 🔥 %FIRSTNAME% you’ll wanna save this


{client name redacted} here with {company name redacted}.

Have you had some time to look at our platform? 

I want to give you some shortcuts on our most popular areas to bring you up to speed so you can hit the ground running and take advantage of {company name redacted}.

After you check out these, I know you’re gonna be on fiiire with {company name redacted}

  1. 📗 The Video Library. Think of it as your video resource warehouse to the {company name redacted} features you should check out first. Instead of having to poke around aimlessly. (but you’re totally welcome to, if that’s your thing!)
  2. {company name redacted} Trello. If you want to report a bug, request new features, request new page templates…then check out our public Trello board.
  3. Support Desk. And last but not least…for product support anything else… check out the support desk. If you’re stuck, just reach out! We’ll help!

👉 You can also just click here to finish setting things up. 

Thanks for trying out {company name redacted}, we appreciate ya!

Talk to you soon %FIRSTNAME%!

{client name redacted} | {company name redacted} CEO

P.S. – Tomorrow I’m going to show you why funnels with {company name redacted} are so effective

Best Features Highlight Email

Subject: ❓ %FIRSTNAME% – do you know everything {company name redacted} can do?


{client name redacted} with {company name redacted}.

Real quick, just wanted to highlight a few of the benefits that make {company name redacted} great for your Shopify store.


🛬 Landing Pages
Never send paid ads to your low-converting Shopify product pages again!  

Instead use {company name redacted} to create standalone landing pages to dramatically increase your sales, conversions, and profits.

🤑 Pre-Purchase Upsells
Make your store like Amazon! 

Now you can run your Shopify business like the largest online retailer in the world by offering as many pre-checkout upsell and cross-sell offers as you want.

💪 Checkout “Bumps”
Now that you’ve got your customer on your checkout page, give them a pain-free way to easily upgrade their order (and increase your order value) with a simple checkbox click of the mouse.

☝️ Post-Purchase Upsells
Congratulations, you just made a sale! 

Now is the perfect opportunity to make your customer an additional related offer to enhance, upgrade, or add to their original purchase.  

Post-purchase upsells are the No. 1 way to increase your sales and revenue.

👇 Post-Purchase Downsells
Your customer just said “no” to your upsell offer, now what? 

Smart marketers make a “downsell” offer to sweeten the deal and give their customer a second chance to change their mind – now you can too!

🖱️ One-Click Technology
All of our post-purchase upsell and downsell offers are true “one-click*” orders.

This means your customers do not have to go through the checkout again but rather can upgrade their order with just one click.


I can’t wait for you to start revolutionizing your store with {company name redacted}. 

I truly believe that it will be the all-in-one solution for building a better checkout & high-converting funnels for your Shopify store.

👉 You can take advantage of these features instantly, just click here. 

Pura Vida %FIRSTNAME%!

{client name redacted}

P.S. %FIRSTNAME – Tomorrow I want to tell you about two {company name redacted} features that will raise your average order value through the roof.

Lessons on Conversions Email

Subject: 💵🔥 %FIRSTNAME% – big disappointing Shopify secret nobody is talking about?


{client name redacted} here hailing from {company name redacted}.

I wanna talk about something nobody talks about.

There’s no doubt Shopify is a great e-com platform.

It almost gives you everything you need to start selling.


There’s a limitation that’s costing you thousands of dollars in sales.

Sometimes, it’s so frustrating, it feels a bit like this:

BUT, that limitation is easily overcome by using {company name redacted}.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. 

Let’s dive in.

The big disappointing secret nobody is talking about with Shopify is that Shopify does not support landing pages.

Landing pages are one of the most ESSENTIAL elements in an e-com business!

There are very few things that can increase your conversion rates like landing pages.

Why is that?

Landing pages are product specific pages that focus on one thing.

And one thing only:

To match perfectly with the ad your customer clicked to get to your page.

Homepages and product pages are of a general nature

They’re full of stuff. 

Distracting, overwhelming kinds of stuff.

Various products, navigation options…the list goes on. 

That’s why they traditionally have a <1% conversion rate.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

With a landing page with {company name redacted}, you’ll:

  • Spend less on ads
  • Get more customers
  • Increase conversions
  • Raise that ROI through the roof

In fact, a well-built landing page can increase a 1% conversion to ~5%-10%. 

How’d ya like them odds?

Want to get started? 

Learn how to make landing pages easily using {company name redacted}, just by clicking here.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask me. Just reply directly to this email or just hit up the support team at support@{company name redacted}. 

 Talk soon %FIRSTNAME%, 

Checkout or Post-Purchase Email

Subject: 🥴🛒 do they need a bump or a hit? 


{client name redacted} back at ya with {company name redacted}.

I got asked recently…

“Should I do a checkout bump?…

Or hit em’ with a post-purchase upsell…?

…and what’s the difference?”

They do the same thing, don’t they?

They both offer the chance to sell more awesome products.

BUT here’s the deal %FIRSTNAME%.

Check-out bumps are on the order form.

In other words, they appear before a purchase is complete.

Post-purchase upsells only show up once a purchase is made.

Both options give 3 kick-ass benefits:

  1. Increased AOV: Offering customers more stuff in the same sales funnel. It encourages them to buy more! Increasing your value of a single order.
  2. Better engagement: By showing more awesome products to a customer, you get a chance to get them to ask questions and talk with you more. Building trust!
  3. A smoother shopping experience: Giving a customer an easy-peasy way to add products makes everyone happy. It rewards the customer (and you!)

Now the big money question:

Which one should you do? And when?

The answer: Do both!

You want a rock-solid sales funnel with both of these! It’s a killer 1-2 combo punch you can use to hit a home-run and knock your sales out of the park.

“But {client name redacted}, how can I take advantage of it today?”

Thought you’d never ask!

Learn exactly how to set up a check-out bump using {company name redacted} by watching our step-by-step tutorial here.

And as always, if you have any questions about {company name redacted}, don’t be shy. 

Just email me. 

Or email support at support@{company name redacted}.

On your side,

{client name redacted} | {company name redacted} CEO

P.S.  %FIRSTNAME% – I want to tell you about the super-duper important things that you gotta have on a landing page for it to skyrocket your sales.

Landing Page Explanation Email

Subject:  ✈️%FIRSTNAME% are you clear for takeoff for more orders? 


It’s your friendly neighborhood Funnel-man {client name redacted} here.

I talked a bit yesterday about how landing pages are great.

They increase your conversions when selling on Shopify.

Most importantly, they make you more money.

But you’re not out of the woods yet.

We gotta figure out what makes a great landing page to make it rain sales.

When you build a landing page, you shouldn’t care about what it does except one thing:

Making sales

We don’t care if it looks like it time-traveled from the 2000s.

We want as high of a chance as possible to make a sale.

So, what needs to go on a landing page?

Obviously, you need a big ole’ buy button. But what else?

There are 3 extremely important gotta-do-these things for anyone visiting:

1.  A clear description of what your product does.
“How is this product going to help me?” 

You don’t want to leave any doubt in a visitor’s mind.

You want your visitor to know that your product is going to fulfill their needs.

Is there a question they might have? 

Answer it.

Any unanswered question is an objection in their mind.

2. Clear images of your product.

“I can’t go see it so I want to see it here, the best I can”

People want to see your product. 

Study it. See it in action.

This may force you to use videos

Or find supplier review videos.

Humans are visual critters. 

There’s no doubting that.

People are more likely to look at your images than read your text.

I can’t tell you how many of my dropshipping customers have asked me if I had retail locations where they could come see the product.

Brick and mortar will still live while crappy information is being presented.

3. A clear reputation. 

“How do I know I can trust this site?”

Your brand is as good as your word

Put yourself in someone’s shoes when visiting your site.

  • What seems shady?
  • Is there a phone number? 
  • Is there a voicemail setup?
  • Is the payment method trusted?
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Are there any testimonials? (powerful)

These 3 things are all very important to having an awesome landing page. 

{company name redacted} gives you an opportunity to have all of these on your page. 

Sometimes it’s hard to start with even your landing page…

(Writer’s block…lander’s block?)

It can feel like….ugh…

But that’s why we have a funnel for you to get started on!

  1. Login to {company name redacted} right now
  2. Build out your first landing page to have these three things above
  3. Be proud of yourself

I’ll be in touch soon!

{client name redacted} | {company name redacted} CEO

P.S. %FIRSTNAME% -Tomorrow I’ll check in on you and make sure you’re on the right track with {company name redacted} along with a funny story 🙂 

Encouragement to Set Up Email

Subject:  🌪️ so… %FIRSTNAME%, where do your orders end up?


{client name redacted} here with {company name redacted}.

Did you ever put a coin in those funnels as a kid? 🤏

I heard other kids at school talking about them and I’d never seen one before. 

They kept talking about how the coin would just spin and spin and spin…


…until it went out of sight! 👀

Well, I quickly learned how not to use them. 🤦‍♂️😂

It went a little something like this:


And then my mum showed me how to use it.

Then I thought it was the best thing ever.

And that’s kind of how {company name redacted} works.

If you don’t know how to use it, then you’ll wonder “what’s all the fuss about?”

But when you get it working right, you’ll knock down sales left and right, every time.

Here’s the thing, with a sales funnel inside {company name redacted}.

  1. Your customer (the coin) buys something… 🛒
  2. They get put through a series of options 🌪️ (the funnel)…
  3. …and they have a real hard time saying NO to the valuable stuff you offer in your upsell 🤩 (the effect of gravity on the coin). 
  4. You make an extra profit with every order 💰 (the pile of coins at the bottom!)

I know it seems daunting.

To set up everything in {company name redacted}. 😵

Hear me out, that’s why I encourage you to do this instead.

Just start with one product.

Go look at your Shopify Analytics.

See which product gets the most views. 🏆

👉 Go work on that product and that product only.

Then you can expand from there.

I’m excited to see your results. 

Pura Vida!

{client name redacted}

P.S. – I may sound like a broken record, but if you’re interested, click here to watch a video of {company name redacted} best practices.

Social-Proof of Testimonials Email

Subject: 💬 %FIRSTNAME%, don’t take my word for it… 

How-do-ya-do %FIRSTNAME%?

{client name redacted} here with {company name redacted}.

Don’t you hate it when you get told how great something is but there’s nothing to back it up?

Makes me kinda feel like this about their product…

We help over 4,000+  Shopify store owners just like you.

So instead of just telling you how awesome {company name redacted} is…

…this email is going to showcase what our customers have to say…

I fully believe you can get these kinds of results too. 

👉 Work on your first product funnel if you haven’t already, just click here. And make sure you got the free funnel template. If not, email me!

Pura Vida!

{client name redacted}

P.S. – I may sound like a broken record, but if you’re interested, make sure to check out The Video Library to see videos of how to use {company name redacted}.

P.P.S. – If you want to know what the 2nd most powerful factor in raising conversions is, I’ll clue you in tomorrow!

Self Segmentation by Store Amount Email

Subject: 📈 %FIRSTNAME% – what is your store at? 

Hey there %FIRSTNAME%,

{client name redacted} with {company name redacted} here.

I know I’ve been sending you a lot of tidbits. I hope they’ve helped.

I wanted to know more about your business so I can send you more relevant information.

%FIRSTNAME%, if you don’t mind me asking…how’s your store doing as far as revenue?

Click which one applies to you below…

$0- 5,000 per month

$5000 – 20,000 per month

$20,000 – 100,000 per month

$100k + per month

This helps me understand where you’re at and what information will best help you scale.

I don’t like to brag about myself so I have decided to wait until now to tell you… 

Not only have I created {company name redacted} but I’m the CEO of {company name redacted}.

I’ve also been a conversion rate expert and a store owner since 2005. I’ve helped some of the world’s most sophisticated brands double and sometimes triple their conversion rates. 

The reason I say this is, I want you to feel free to tell me what you’re struggling with in your store!

Pura Vida!

{client name redacted}

P.S. You might also dig our {company name redacted} blog. A couple of times a month, I post about marketing psychology and how to grow your Shopify store (all based on studies!).

Build For You Email

Subject: 🚑 %FIRSTNAME% – is your store in need of some serious help?

Hello again %FIRSTNAME%,

{client name redacted} here with {company name redacted}.

Over the past few days sending you some emails.

I hope they’ve been helpful!

I really want you to get the most out of {company name redacted}…

If you haven’t taken the first steps yet…

Because maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed…

Or maybe you’re too busy with other stuff…

Look, life’s crazy, I get it.

That’s why we created the {company name redacted} Done-For-You service.

You can have us build your first funnel.

We even set up follow-up email sequences for you too. 

Kind of like these awesome emails you’ve been reading.

Our experts know {company name redacted} inside-and-out.

They know how to create some money-makin’ funnels.

They do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to – and can launch NOW.

That way, you can replicate what they’ve done over and over for your other products, too!

Check out this page to learn more 

Like always, if you have any questions, just reply back to this email.

Until next time,

{client name redacted} | {company name redacted} CEO

Evaluation of {company name redacted} Email

Subject: %FIRSTNAME%, how’s {company name redacted} treatin’ ya?

Hey there %FIRSTNAME%,

{client name redacted} here with {company name redacted}.

I have wanted to come full circle since our first chat together.

%FIRSTNAME%, how are you finding {company name redacted}?

Would you care to give me some advice on how to improve it?

Click here and let me know. <<<

Would love to learn more about what feature you are enjoying the most.

Pura Vida!

{client name redacted}

Abandonment Emails

IF a user: Signs Up. Installs. Only half-way customizes

Subject: nooooo!

%FIRSTNAME%, you already did the hard part to get {company name redacted} installed on your store!

But I don’t want to let all your hard work go to waste, so I thought I’d reach out.

Do you have any questions about getting {company name redacted} integrated into your Shopify store?

👉 You can always just click here to finish setting things up. Easy peasy. 

Take care, %FIRSTNAME%!


P.S. I’m your customer success manager so feel free to reply 😀

IF a user: Signs up. Installs. But doesn’t turn on features.

Subject: So close.

I just wanted to send a quick note because you are THIS CLOSE to getting {company name redacted} up and running on your website.

And, well, it’s my job to make sure you’re successful. And I wouldn’t be very good at my job if I didn’t at least ask you one question:

Is there anything we can do to help?

👉 Click here to finish up.

%FIRSTNAME%, I don’t want to leave you feeling like this when you look at {company name redacted}… 

(see below)

Take care!


P.S. I’m your customer success manager so I won’t leave you hanging, just let me know if you need anything 😀

If a user: Signs up but doesn’t install

Subject: %FIRSTNAME%, everything okay?


It looks like you signed up for {company name redacted} on [store name] a few days ago.

Couldn’t help but notice you haven’t installed it yet.

Is something wrong? ☹️ Anything we can help with?

%FIRSTNAME%, I don’t want to leave you all alone feeling like this… (see below)



Email to Promoters

Subject: saw your answers…


I was skimming over some of the results of the survey we sent out – super appreciate your entry.

Thanks for the feedback and for the high score 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to reach out because we’re putting together a page on our site to feature customers using {company name redacted}.

%FIRSTNAME%, any chance you’d be up for giving us a quote about how {company name redacted} has helped your Shopify store?


Emails to Detractors

It provides huge opportunities to improve. Often will get candid feedback.

Subject: saw your answers…


So I just saw your response to the NPS survey we sent out at {company name redacted}. I was hoping to learn a little more about how we can do better.

Any chance we could hop on the phone for 7 minutes this week? 🤙

%FIRSTNAME%, I know you’re busy (and I won’t try to sell you anything, that’s not my role).

I’m just straight up looking for some feedback so we can improve things for you. 


P.S. – %FIRSTNAME% – If you don’t want to hop on the phone, that’s cool too – 📧 email feedback is still super helpful if you just want to hit reply to this email.