How to Validate and Trust Your Great Ideas

I’m going to take a stab and say you’re probably human.

And being human – you probably tend to doubt yourself.

Quite a bit actually.

Because I know I doubt myself – a shit ton.

And maybe I’ll figure out why in therapy someday.

I said that part, so this part won’t sound like bragging:

I know I have some good ideas.

But when I have a good idea.

used to always doubt myself.

Without fail.

Things had (and still have) a way of creeping up in my mind.

But – I started doing something that helped.

When I start thinking about a piece of a bigger goal.

I’m left feeling like…

How can I be sure about the best steps and paths to get there?

How do I know I’m on the right track?

In business (and sometimes life), I’m kind of lazy.

I’m the kind of person that wants to find the trail someone else has taken.

That way:

  • I have an easier time doing the work.
  • I don’t blaze a trail full of costly errors.
  • I’ve got time for the things I enjoy way more in life.
  • (And plus, the bank doesn’t care how hard you worked for your dollar)

 “Learn from the mistakes of others.
  You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Elenor Roosevelt

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to “The Hype-Swipe File.”

It’s easy to do…

  1. Have a great idea
  2. Collect examples of people you respect who’ve validated this idea in any regard
  3. Keep them in a spot where you can refer to often
  4. Connect the dots and refine your mad genius

That’s it.

Is it a form of cognitive bias?

Hell yeah, it is.

But it’s the healthiest one I’ve found.

For example, if I keep toying around with a project idea.

But I keep doubting myself with it.

So instead, I find snippets of success stories that apply to my situation.

And I keep those all in one place.

That way, when I start doing something.

And I start doubting myself.

I can always go back and get confirmation.

Think of it as your own personal collection of virtual heroes.

Cheering you across the finish line.

Because everyone needs some cheering when they doubt their good ideas.

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