Ecommerce Email Marketing + Giveaways: A Case Study

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Today, let’s dive into an ecommerce email case study about a company selling ladies stockings! 👠

This is about a store that started at ground zero with their email list – whose email strategy made up for 35% of their monthly revenue.

The client was a friend of a mentor. Someone who had no clue what to do about an email strategy.

I chatted with them, and we decided to make email a vital part of their existing marketing.

🤔 Challenges

  • Selling in an “adult” industry – which means limitations when it comes to traditional digital advertising
  • Selling to an industry where email is “boring” and “dated” in contrast to social media platforms
  • Separating the customer avatars: 
    1. Window shoppers 
    2. The one-handed window shoppers 😬 
    3. The gift giving dudes
    4. Ladies buying for themselves (that don’t want no scrubs)
  • Starting an email list from scratch

👨‍🔧The Work Begins

We came up with a “trusted advisor” avatar. Someone like the buyer. 

Like any assistant you’d find in a lingerie retail store.

We chose not to focus on campaign emails, but rather automated flows. 

Doing automated flows was much more scalable while we experimented with our audience. 

Plus, it just worked, no matter how many product suppliers or influencers we onboarded. 

After we set up the email flows – we began to look at the data.

📊Monthly Average Metrics

Email open rates for 2021 averaging 37% and CTR averaged almost 19%

🔥Best Winning Email

My “glitch order” abandoned cart email brought an open rate of 50% with a CTR of 18%.  And last but not least a conversion rate of 5%. 👀 

🥈Runner Up

My 2-week “sunset” email got an open rate of 35% with a CTR of 13%. 

Which the offer inside the email ended up netting a 2.2% conversion rate.

🤷‍♂️We’re on autopilot – now what?

The email list was slow to grow, but it wasn’t too bad. 

But still, we wanted faster traction. 

🕺We decided to do a giveaway. 

After a giveaway campaign, we more than doubled the email list. 

Our conversion rates could have been higher, but truthfully, we were in a rush to get this going. 

The campaign resulted in almost 400 leads. 

But did these leads bring any sales?

During the 2-month giveaway, the monthly sales were double versus any other month in 2021.

When attempting again, we decided to cut the giveaway down to a month. As holding the audience interested was difficult beyond the 30-day mark.

In one month, email revenue was responsible for up to 34.49% of the total revenue per month. Another month, 25.75%. 

So, did the giveaway subscribers stick around?

Even after the giveaway ended in May, there was no loss of subscribers into the next month.

This list was created specifically for the giveaway, the first month in February was for test accounts.

But you can see that the overall amount of growth from one month to the next. 

So if this kind of email strategy can be put to work for a new store, what kind of auto-pilot sales magic could it do for yours?

That’s exactly the kind of thing I walk through explaining with store owners like yourself.

Book a call today if you think this kind of email marketing setup could change your business and your life.


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